Kishtwar can explode anytime


Jammu, September 26: The hilly district of Kishtwar is once again sitting on powder keg in the aftermath of arrest of at least three local religious preachers who were allegedly involved in stoking fire in the region.

Following their arrest in a late night operation the district authorities had to enforce strict curfew restrictions to ensure peace in the region.

The surcharged atmosphere was on verge of exploding and triggering more chaos and confusion after street protests broke out in the wee hours of Sunday.

Fearing escalation in the volatile areas the district authorities decided to rush more para military forces and imposed curfew restrictions around 4.00 am.

According to official sources at least three heads of local religious places were picked up by the police around 1.30 am following which stone pelting was reported from areas of their influence.

Loud speakers fitted atop these religious places were used to mobilise crowd in the wee hours to pressurise the local authorities.

Instead of exposing the murky deeds of these religious leaders the local population rallied behind them and demanded action against the officers from detaining them.

Meanwhile, police officers claimed the entire operation was conducted after establishing their involvement in series of incidents of slogan shouting and anti India protests on Eid ul Azha in the area. Police had registered cases of sedition against them and went ahead with the raids after completing necessary formalities.

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