Know about ‘Back to Village’ Programme of J&K Government


‘Back to Village’ programme has started in J&K. The aspiring “back to village” programme has started in Jammu and Kashmir.

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The aspiring project has four primary objectives:

1. Empowering panchayats.

2. Gathering input on conveyance of government plans and projects.

3. Catching explicit monetary potential.

4. Undertaking evaluation of necessities of towns.

Key highlights of the programme:

Under the programme, the whole regulatory mechanical assembly of the state government is going to visit all the 4483 Panchayat halqas to get the grassroots dimension feedback from overall population.

The administration has sent one gazetted officer as nodal officer in every panchayat halqa, who will connect with panchayat individuals, overall population to get the general outlook and feedback from the masses themselves.

The programme is essentially brought up for coordinating improvement endeavors in village areas through network investment and to make in the village masses a sincere want for a dignified way of life.

This endeavour of the state government, if turns out to be successful, will yield great results. It will be an attempt to make governance in the state more inclusive, with every small village having a say in their administration. This programme ensures governing according to the needs and wants of the governed.