Omar Abdullah’s life and beginnings


Omar Abdullah was born in the political family of Abdullahs who have ruled Jammu and Kashmir for long periods. Omar was born on March 10, 1970, and he went on to become the youngest CM of Jammu and Kashmir in 2009. He was also the member of the 14th Lok Sabha from Srinagar constituency, and went on to become Union Minister of State for external affairs in Vajpayee government. Omar took on the mantle of politics in 1998 from his father Farooq Abdullah who has had a great influence on shaping the political career of Omar. Lately, there have been differences between the father-son duo but senior Abdullah has termed these as generation gap.

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An astrologer who has done a deep study of his chart opines that Omar could have done well in a country where politics situation is less turbulent. He has week mercurian qualities as a result of which he falls short when it comes to judging human nature, and shrewdness. His father on the other hand is complete opposite and he is as astute as a politician can be. The junior Abdullah has good communication skills, and but being trusting and straightforward he has a big handicap in the Indian scheme of things. Like Rajiv Gandhi he has a shy, diffident nature but has a high self esteem and a very strong belief system which shows in his day to day work. He also has weakness for wealth and fame but being a shy person he can’t seek it unabashedly. The J&K CM has a very good imagination, is adaptable and likes change. He also has strong willpower, ability to direct others and self control. But he lacks boldness and inner self-confidence which affects his leadership qualities. His hand, and his astro-chart shows that he is a decent and honest person, who likes people. He however is not suited for the cunning, and guile of politics where backstabbing is routine, and the young Omar Abdullah does not have a hang of these machinations.

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