Know your style to stay stylish


Know your style to stay stylishLondon:  Finding your own personal style can take years. British fashion stylist Rachel Davis, who has worked with the likes of Elle Macpherson and Daisy Lowe, says that it is important to know your own body and follow the style accordingly rather than aping someone else.

Davis, currently working with American department store chain TK Maxx on the “Me. By Me. Project”, says that the “campaign is about encouraging people to experiment with style, try new things on and to simply be themselves.”

“The campaign features real TK Maxx shoppers and I think this is a really positive message in fashion,” quoted her as saying.

She also suggests the following tips on how one can know their style.


* Instead of trying to follow unrealistic ideals, we should try to find the styles that work for us as individuals and truly embrace them. You don’t have to try and emulate a celebrity, take inspiration from real people you find stylish.

* Create a mood board of looks you like and work out why you like them. Instagram and Pinterest are great for this!

* Don’t be afraid of change! Take small steps and try one thing at a time. You don’t have to change your entire look overnight, have fun and try new things.

* If you don’t feel good you won’t look good, so it is so important to feel confident in what you’re wearing and make sure it is a comfortable fit.

* Look back at photos where you are wearing an outfit you felt great in and take inspiration from the elements that made you feel special. She also shares the style staples that all women should invest in and have in their wardrobe?

“A white shirt is so versatile and in fact I prefer a man’s one. Wear with boyfriend jeans and killer heels for effortless chic, or over a shift dress to mix up the look,” says Davis.


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