Know what the NDA Government is doing for Menstrual Hygiene


• To address the need of menstrual cleanliness among adolescent ladies dwelling essentially in rural territories, the government of India is supporting the Menstrual Hygiene Scheme.

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• Under the Menstrual Hygiene Scheme –

 o Funds are given to States/UTs through National Health Mission for the decentralized acquisition of sanitary napkins packs for adolescent girls  at sponsored rates.

This plan includes the following:
▪ Increasing awareness among immature young ladies on Menstrual Hygiene

▪ Improving access to and utilization of high quality clean napkins by adolescent girls in rural regions.

▪ Ensuring safe disposal of Sanitary Napkins in an eco-friendly way.

▪ Provision of assets to ASHAs (Accredited Social Health Activists) to hold month to month meeting with young women to talk about issues identified with menstrual cleanliness.

• Information Education and Communication (IEC) Material:

o A scope of IEC material has been created, utilizing a 360 degree way to deal with awareness among young women about safe and clean menstrual wellbeing with audio, video, books, pamphlets, etc. for young women and employment helps for ASHAs and other field level functionaries for speaking with young women.

o ASHAs the nation over are prepared and assume a critical job in the advancement of utilization and dissemination of the sanitary napkins.

o Department of Health Research, under the Ministry of Health is associated with appraisal of all more up to date, eco-friendly menstrual cleanliness items to investigate their security and adequacy characteristics.