Know why Women Around The World Are Sharing Unfiltered Photos Of Their Thighs


Women around the globe opposing society’s rigid standards

The trending #ThighsForJeaux is a movement in acceptance. The new trending hashtag is dedicated to women who ever felt insecure about their thighs. It gained popularity in January, when it was created by South Africa-based Twitter user Mixo.

According to Marie Claire, Mixo told her followers that they shouldn’t be afraid to show off their thighs, especially in the summer heat and shared a picture of herself using the hashtag.



Her tweet inspired other social media users to join her and create a space where women can embrace their thighs- no matter how thick, how hairy, how dimply or how “imperfect” they may seem by society’s rigid standards.

Society had always been judgmental towards a women but movements like these can actually make a difference and get women together globally. The hashtag enjoyed another spike in popularity on Thursday with twitter users across the globe adding to the conversation with more selfies and words of encouragement.