Know Your Rights: How to deal if an FIR is filed against you?


If something has went wrong because of you or with you and you have been taken to the police station the following are some rights which not everyone know they have and must know for their own grip.

So, When you are called in Police Station in connection with any FIR/Complaint, you have the right to:-

1) Ask for the grounds of the FIR/complaint 
2) Ask for copy of the FIR/complaint 
3) You have right to ask whether you are summoned in a bail able/non-bail able matter.
4) You have right to seek time to inform/talk to a friend, relative or lawyer before your interview with Police.
5) You have right to engage an advocate for your assistance/defend your case.
6) If you are a minor, you must have a support person with you i.e. parents/guardian, relative or friend, a lawyer for     assistance.
7) You have right to get your medical through a team of doctors.
8) You have right to ask for copy of inventory of the items seized during your search. 
9) You have a right to remain silent if you are not sure about the facts.
10) Before signing any document you must carefully read the document and then sign it. 
11) Avoid complicated technical words and unnecessary details while giving any statement, as what you say to Police is always important.   
12)  Be calm and cooperative.

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These were the rights which every citizen must know. But, should always try that a situation like this doesn’t come in his or her life.

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