Why Krrish 3 is running houseful all over?

krish shaktimanKrrish 3 is a kid’s film. Well it is basically for the children in the age group of 4 – 6 yrs. Now the big Q is why is it running houseful all over? The answer is simple – long Diwali weekend with no other big banner release. As it is kids of this age group need their parents around to escort them/ feed popcorns/ toilet/godi… However I spotted a lot of Bhaiyyas n Didis (servants/maids) also in PVR who had come along with the kids. Thoughtful parents!
Because of its timing and specifically targeted audience, it is bound to be a superhit.

Unlike Robot n RaOne, there is not much in Krish3 for the adult crowd esp those who are exposed to the world of SpiderMan n Superman.

Nitish Kumar
Nitish Kumar

Despite the rampant use of computer graphics, some portions of the film look similar (same to same; no better) to the once popular Doordarshan serial Shaktiman.
Latexed Kangana does justice to her role as a plastic n emotionless lass. Priyanka Chopra with several kgs down looks better n dances effortlessly in songs. Now a word or two about Krrish Hritik Roshan. Hritik looks smart with his unbelievable chiselled body, dances well but that’s it.
Someone may say comparisons r odious yet I m constrained to draw one. DD’s Shaktiman had that colloquial ‘wajan’ which in Sharabi film, Munshiji’s shayari (Om Prakash) had n Amitabh’s didn’t.
However, for many who are reading this might wonder ‘do they have a choice’? If you are blessed (sic) with bhaiyyas/didis then let them accompany the kiddos, otherwise take a long breathe (like I had taken in anticipation) n just go… … Painful inevitabilities should be enjoyed.


By Nitish Kumar