Krushna Abhishek takes a dig at Kapil Sharma?


Mumbai, July 25 : Krushna Abhishek, who has often been compared to Kapil Sharma, seems to have had enough of it. Though he has been pitted against Kapil as an arch rival, Krushna feels what he does is a lot different from Kapil’s style.

According to a report in Pinkvilla, Krushna during an interview with a leading daily explained how his work is different from that of Kapil’s.

“I never compare myself with Kapil. We have totally different styles. Kapil just gives one-liners, I do performances. Let’s be practical and genuine. Does he perform for one hour on his show? I perform for one hour. That’s the difference between us,” the report quoted him as saying.

On being asked how ‘The Drama Company’ is different, Krushan reportedly said, “People are bored of actors getting interviewed. If you want to see actors getting interviewed, then you would watch Koffee with Karan. The questions you ask the stars also get repetitive. So we had to be different. We thought why not bring Theater to Television.”

Interestingly, both ‘The Drama Company’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ are aired on the same channel!

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