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KU teachers spotted checking exam papers on train. SO WHAT?

Jammu and kashmir

Srinagar, Mar 15: The much prided institution, Kashmir University’s teachers were caught on camera checking students examination answer sheets in a moving train.
The video which has gone viralon social media shows that two females checking answer sheets in full public gaze. Answer sheets which are easily recognizable, in video have the KU official logo on it.

Vice Chancellor KU, Khurshid Andrabi called it “technically wrong and ethically incorrect” as quoted by a local daily but quickly added that “it’s appreciable that employees of Kashmir University are working beyond KU campus”.

Andrabi said that it wasn’t a big issue. Teachers can check the answer sheets anywhere. They take the sheets home too so what is the fuss all about, he questioned.  He further added that after checking the answer sheets they (teachers) hand it over to the students.

According to VC, the technically wrong act however should be appreciated rather than criticized.

People usually read books while travelling without losing attention so what is wrong in checking the answer sheets in a moving train.

VC added that why cannot they (teachers) be appreciated for not wasting time in the train.

When asked that are not answer sheets a confidential documents of KU and should not be checked in public places, Mr Andrabi replied these are not top secret documents that can be leaked. Teachers do take papers home for revaluation. When that is not a problem why create issue out of a video, he asked.