Laal Kaptaan trailer released, Naga Sadhu Saif Ali Khan is a merciless assassin


At 49, Saif Ali Khan is one of the most versatile Bollywood stars. An actor who doesn’t mind taking risks or experimenting with his characters with each of his projects. After enthralling fans with his performance in Sacred Games, Saif Ali Khan has now turned a Naga Sadhu for Navdeep Singh’s Laal Kaptaan.

A day after sharing the new poster of Laal Kaptaan, the makers dropped the first trailer of the much-anticipated film.

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The 1-minute-22-second video begins with Saif talking about life and death. “Aadmi ke paida hote hi, kaal apne bhainse pe baith ke chal padhta hai use vaapis laane. Aadmi ki jindagi utni, jitna samay laga bhainse ko us tak pohonchne,” he says as he covers himself in ash.

In the next few scenes, he is seen dragging a dead body behind his horse, and fighting a few men.

The trailer shows Saif Ali Khan as a deadly assassin who is on the hunt for vengeance.