Lack of sports infrastructure turning jammu into an unfit city

sportsTo get the children addicted to social media, and mobile phones out in the playing fields the authorities in Jammu will have to create adequate infrastructure which is absolutely lacking in the winter capital of the state. For starter, the city of ten lakh people has only four playgrounds an these are also facing the onslaught of political parties, government, and private functions to be held. The J&K Sport Council which every year spends crores of rupees has not been able to set up a single new ground despite the fact that the population of the city has increased exponentially. Corruption, and nepotism rule the roost in sport council and all other agencies managing the affairs of sports in the state, which has ensured that J&K remains at the bottom of the table as far as sporting prowess is concerned.

However more than medals, the Jammuites need sports facilities likes grouds, gyms, swimming pools, and indoor sports centres to indulge in sporting action, and get fit, and stay healthy. Everyone knows how expensive the private facilities, and these are meant only for the affluent, and the rich. To ensure everyone can play basic minimum sports good sporting infrastructure is an absolute must.

Presently the four sporting grounds in Jammu are at Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Science College, and Parade Ground. Rest in the university, and other colleges are restricted, and these are not allowed to be used by the general public. There have been plans to build stadiums in Channi, Sainik Colony, and other parts of the city but nothing has materialized and the result is no sports facilities for general public, and an unhealthy, unfit Jammu.