Lack of parking space on BC road


By CJ Rishabh Khajuria

The illegal parking of vehicles at the General Bus Stand and BC road has been a menace lately. The administration and traffic police has not taken any strict action against the violations and the problem continues to trouble. It leads to long and frequent traffic jams on the route. The road itself has become a bus stand. The situation has become worse because of the influx of over 20,000 additional vehicles in the city as the civil secretariat has shifted.

In the peak hours in the morning and the evening we are made to wait for hours in the stagnant traffic jams as cars, buses and two wheelers are all stuck. There is a provision of the new bus stand at Khanpur but the traders and transport unions have refused to shift stating that it will create operational problems for them. There is an immediate need for a multilevel parking in the area and the government has already approved the project but there is a dearth of land around to build it. The project might take several years to finish. There are only nine parking lots under the Jammu Development authority with capacity of parking 1200 cars and 500 two wheelers, as per the data. Approved plans for creating multi-parking structures at the bus stand and Shalimar have been struck for the past few years but there is no move of progress.. Nothing has been done by any authority to make them functional even though the ministers in charge of the development have tried to trigger the progress.


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