Lady forced to deliver on toilet floor at SMGS; baby dies


Jammu, August 28: A case of careless behavior and apathy has come from Sri Maharaja Gulab Singh (SMGS) Hospital here after lapse on part of hospital staff took the life of a newly born baby yesterday evening.

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According to sources, the female was forced to give birth to the baby on the floor of the toilet. The unfortunate event materialised as the Medical staff was absent from duty at the time of delivery. Members of the family allege that the body of the dead child was hidden by the hospital employees to prevent any immediate protests.
The family alleged that it was only after the intervention of the police that the body of the newborn was handed over to the family.

Health Minister and Superintendent SMGS did not take calls repeatedly.
The Victims, a poor family, belong to a backward area and had been referred to Jammu.