Lal Batti is small step. Check out other VIP treaments enjoyed by our politicians that MUST go

The Narendra Modi government has banned red beacons to keep country’s rampant VIP culture in check. The new rule is applicable to vehicles used by the Prime Minister, the Presidents and the Chief Ministers. Only vehicles using emergency services have been exempted. One of the first VIPs to welcome the order and took off the read beacon from her car was Union Textile Minister Smriti Irani.

Ending the ‘Lal Batti’ culture is a welcome move but there are a slew of privileges unnecessarily enjoyed by our lawmakers that could be done away with. Here are some of the perks enjoyed by our netas which is also responsible for rampant VIP culture in the country.

1) The salary of our elected representatives is tax-free.

6) A VIP get 50,000 units of free electricity and water. They stay in a house furnished and maintained by the government.

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