Lal Singh conducts surprise inspection of Forest Check Post


Jammu: Minister for Forest, Environment and Ecology Choudhary Lal Singh has ordered medical examination of two officials of the Forest Department who were found under the influence of alcohol during duty hours.
The Minister paid a surprise nocturnal visit to Forest Check Post, Khada Maddana on Purmandal road, where two officials were found drunk. The officials have been sent for medical examination at Medical College Jammu.
“I won’t accept such elements in my department,” Mr Singh said during the inspection.

“This is just a beginning. We are going to launch continuous drive to see how seriously the officials are taking their job on the ground,” he said.
The Minister also issued instructions to the senior officers of the Department to carry out inspections and visits to the forest check posts and other units which are supposed to be functional during night.
“If officials aren’t taking their job seriously, they have no right to be in the system,” the minister said, adding “a culture of honest and accountable working has to be developed among the official machinery which would help the system to grow and help it serve the people better.”