Lal Singh suspends two doctors for being absent


Health Minister Choudhary Lal Singh suspended a doctor during his surprise visit to PHC Tikri, District Udhampur as the doctor was absent and fired another doctor of NRHM. In PHC, two assistant doctors were caught drinking and were suspended. A case has been filed against both the workers and some other workers have reportedly, fled from the location.

In PHC, a notice has been issued for the absent doctors including 16 paramedical workers  and BMO Vijay Vasotra to state their reason of absence. Dr. Baljit Pathania, Director of Health & Family Welfare told that the cases are being investigated.

In Lal Singh’s surprise visit to PHC Tikri, he suspended Dr. Shivani and Dr. Shikha in NRHM. Pharmacist Lakshmi Dubey and N O Ashok Kumar, who were caught drinking during working hours have also been suspended and a case has been filed against the two. Dental technician Bhupendra Singh and Rakesh Kumar have reportedly fled the place and the Minister has given strict directions to investigate the whole matter. Also, only one Pharmacist was found on duty in PHC. The Minister issued directions to not leave the work station until the other official arrives.

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