Lal Singh vows to uproot the ‘Jugaad’ culture in the Health Sector


Lal Singh, Minister for Health and Medical Education, called for eradicating the Jugaad Culture and also alleged that the doctors who try to find ways to extend their stay in the cities will be transferred to ensure that the poor and rural people of the state also get better healthcare. The Minister also said that nepotism and favoritism has badly inflicted the state’s Healthcare system and the state actually lacks over 700 doctors across the state. The minister who has been condemned for his misbehavior with the doctors has suggested some reformatory measures to strengthen the Health sector of the state. He lamented over the crippled functioning of the health institutions of the state, including the district hospitals and the subcentres, due to such acute shortage.

Not too long ago the minister was highly criticized for misbehaving with a woman doctor in the psychiatric hospital. In one of his surprise visits to the GMC, he lashed out at one of the employees which created a row and the doctors even protested. However, seeing the ill functioning in the department, these restoration measures could actually bring some discipline in the healthcare department.

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He lambasted the ‘Sifarish culture’ that is prevalent in the department and urged that there is much to be done to redeem this sector. He said that there have been instances where the doctors managed their postings in cities by way of Jugaad and Sifarish. All such doctors were overstaying in these institutions even where the primary health centres and subcentres were facing immense shortage. The Minister urged that the prevalent discrimination with any part of the state will be curbed and the government will rationalize health institutions as well as provide the necessary manpower, including the doctors and paramedics.

Lal Singh has expressed serious concern over 60 per cent shortage of doctors and paramedics at health institutions in the remote areas of district Kishtwar. Pregnancy is a serious concern in these areas because of non-availability of healthcare facilities.  The Health Minister, MLC Ali Mohammad Dar however, informed that under the National Health Mission Project, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare had sanctioned Rs. 447 crore, out of which Rs. 254 crore had already been released.