Land mafia in J&K proving mightier than the state


So strong is the land mafia in the state that it is not allowing the Committee constituted by government, and headed by Chief Conservator of forests to demarcate the disputed areas in the forest zone. The land sharks, and their cohorts have put strong opposition to the process of demarcation as huge tracts of forest land have been encroached upon in Jammu and Kashmir. The acute problem in Jammu can be realized from the fact that ten locations in the district include Dwara, Raghura, Chatha, Sunjwan, Majheen, Sidhra, and Bhatindi are very close to the city, and urban area but despite that the grip of land mafia cant be loosened by the entire might of the state.

Another reason is that entire bureaucracy, and political class has colluded to help the real estate mafia as a result of which land prices have skyrocketed in Jammu and Kashmir. The huge demand for land which has risen because of migration from Kashmir, and other hilly parts of the state is also the reason for price rise, and consequent speculation in real estate. This is also the reason that massive amount of black money has been invested into benaami properties by those earning black money.

It is because of this reason that demarcation, and eviction teams have failed in getting the things done because those who occupy these lands are supported by the people inside the establishment. Many who are supposed to regulate encroachment have themselves played an important role in spreading this menace. As a result not only the forests are threatened in this state but the entire eco-system has been ravaged because of unplanned urbanization which is going on unabated without any planning.

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