Land of Kashmir belongs to kashmiris


On May 9, Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti during a press conference in Srinagar acknowledged that there is demand from ex-soldiers from J&K seeking establishment of Sainik colonies in Kashmir valley and later she re-assured all others, protesting against her in Kashmir that the government has not allotted any piece of land for the purpose.

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Politically speaking, PDP government has saved itself from a problem by dodging statements everyday, but this has exposed the self-centric approach of local Kashmiris who only welcome financial packages. All the separatist outfits and all the civil society groups in the valley have joined hands in their quest against allotment of land to ex-soldiers. They are describing the proposal as a conspiracy hatched by Centre to change the Muslim-majority character of Kashmir. If this is an issue Kashmiris have more to do with their human behaviour than to oppose Sainik colony.

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The 5.5 lakh security forces (approximately) deployed in Kashmir are saviors of the land and protectors of people of valley and the willing buyers who add to its consumer base both for local and manufactured produce of valley. Kashmiris are not going to give up their right to reside anywhere in India, to own property, to carry own business this attitude clearly exposes their eccentric nature.

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This situation is a reminiscent of the story of koel and the crow: how the koel lays its eggs in a crow’s nest, and the loud, demanding, and hungry koel chick deceives the foster-parents. In the end, the crow’s chicks are starved or elbowed out of the nest, and the interloper flies off, fully grown at someone else’s expense. That is exactly what the good folks in valley seem to want: fatten at the trough of Indian taxpayer expense, and give nothing back to nation. Though, not all in valley are of a same nature but there are a few elements who seem distraught and uncomfortable with allotment THEIR of lands to soldiers. There are people in valley who serve nation with utter dedication with no malice towards the armed forces or the nation per se.

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Instead of opposing Sanik colony and Industrial policy for land transfer People of Kashmir should come forward and welcome the steps by the government to enrich the valley economically. They have to show the world that they believe in secularism.

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