Latest View of Chenani-Nashri Tunnel


Salient Features:

  • Length of 9.2 Kms
  • Marks India’s debut in using the integrated tunnel control system
  • Cuts down travel distance by approx. 30 Kms.
  • Automatic control of tunnel lightning, communication and fire control
  • Wll make travel across the highway safer

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JAMMU: While opening date of Nashri tunnel has been extended over 6 times, the wait is worth it. In a recent development, the latest update is that that Nashri tunnel will open and operational in last week of February 2017 or 1st week of march 2017.

All the construction work of the tunnel has been completed but now tunnel is being equipped with modern utilities such as CCTV cameras, Mobile towers and F.M receivers are being installed.

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For the relief of the commuters, food stalls are also being built along the side of the tunnel, Which will take a month time to built. The work on 9.2 Km tunnel started in June 2010 and it was expected to be completed in the December 2015.

This tunnel will reduce the distance between Jammu and Srinagar by 31kms.

Latest View of Chenani-Nashri Tunnel
Latest View of Chenani-Nashri Tunnel
A number of Fake Pictures were floating on Social Media, so U4UVoice decided to put all the speculations at rest!

Meanwhile, take a look at different phases of Tunnel at different times:

Yes! we are all waiting to drive through this marvel. But, just a few more months to go. Let’s keep calm and wait for #ProjectNashri to complete its testing.