Law at School Level

Exclusive:>/h5> The society, generally, runs according to law. Law keeps changing with time and space as per needs. It is important for a country that its citizens are aware of the basic provisions of law. The legal illiteracy of India has become a cause of concern and embarrassment. Learning law is important because it has a practical application. It makes one aware of the rights and duties generally and particularly.

Many people get exploited in different ways, simply because they’re unaware of their rights. This exploitation may come from some person or the government agencies themselves exceeding their powers. Unaware of reality, people submit themselves to such exploitation and get oppressed. In a recent incident, after spending one month in the prison found that the bail amount for his release was Rs. 50 only! Had he been aware of his rights, he’d have saved one precious month of his from captivation. The authorities also did not perform their duties in this case though.

Therefore, it is important that legal education must be provided to the public starting from the school level. Our education system already teaches concepts which prove to be redundant in real life. Such concepts can be replaced with basic provisions of law which should form part of the general knowledge of every student. The introduction of law as a subject at school level is the need of the hour as it is more important than finding the area of a parallelogram.

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