LAWDA seals two structures


In compliance to Housing & Urban Development Department circular issued vide No.HUD/JMC/31/2020 Dated 08.05.2020. Enforcement wing today on 02.06.2020 at 1130hrs Under the supervision of Enforcement officer , and in presence of Magistrate and S.H.O, Ram Munshi bagh Sealed two structures for violation /deviation of the approved building permission issued by BOCA vide order No.04-Bldg/LDA of 2015 Dated 19.05.2015 at Buchwara srinagar and vide order No. 03-Bldg/LDA of 2015 Dated 19.05.2015 at Buchwara srinagar . The building permissions so issued were violated and deviation were made by the Building permission holders and have constructed huge three & four storeyed column structure building with two shops in the ground floor, in order to convert these two buildings into commercial activity. Taking serious note of the violation / deviations the structure were sealed.

Further, one second storey at Zeethyar , one tin shed at Makai point Boulevard were demolished. Also earth filling in the area of Khaki Mohalla Nishat which was illegally dumped was seized / removed on spot.