Lawmakers give a damn. Rides bike without Helmet


Jammu and Kashmir

SRINAGAR, Apr 17: An MP and an MLA from the BJP were caught on camera openly violating the norms by riding the bike without helmets.
Jugal Kishore and Ravinder Raina  were caught on camera riding a bike in Jammu during a party function, without any helmets. The picture showing the duo that has gone viral on social media shows Kishore driving the two-wheeler, while Raina rides pillion on the iconic Royal Enfield 350 CC bike.

The netizens have demanded legal action against the lawmaker-duo saying, that if a common man is fined, and even humiliated by cops for not taking law seriously then, why not they haven’t taken the action against these two leaders who did not bothered about the law.

Earlier this year the Government launched a massive drive against two wheeler riders not wearing helmets. On January 23, the Traffic Police department released formal notifications across the State announcing that offenders would be strictly taken to task. According to Motor Vehicle Act, even the pillion rider of two-wheeler would be required to wear helmet, it said.


Meanwhile talking to a local daily the senior BJP leader regretted the episode. “This should not have happened because the law is equal for all,” the BJP leader said.

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