Lawyer Pallavi’s Killer Sajjad Arrested in J&K,19 months after jumping parole


Mumbai: A Mumbai based lawyer Pallavi Purkayastha was murdered in 2012 at her rented flat in Wadala.

The society’s security guard Sajjad Mughal was convicted in her murder case and the court awarded life term in 2014.

However, in March 2016 after getting parole to visit his ailing brother, Sajjad never came back to the jail.

Since then the Maharashtra police had launched a manhunt for the murder convict.


Finally, on Tuesday (October 10) they got success in arresting Sajjad from Jammu and Kashmir.

Sajjad had murdered 25-year-old Pallavi after she resisted his attempts to rape her.

At the time of the crime, she used to share the apartment with her live-in partner Avik Sengupta, a senior associate with a law firm.

A year after Pallavi’s death, Avik who was suffering from severe depression, also died of inflammatory brain disorder, the First Post reported.

Here’s what changed after Pallavi’s murder and Sajjad jumping his parole:

  • Sajjad’s act of jumping his parole forced the Maharashtra government to suspend the jailer of Nashik prison who recommended his parole.
  • The state government framed a law to not allow parole to rape and murder convicts.
  • The government also brought down the parole period from 90 days to 46 days.

Sajjad was employed by Ahmed Hamid Enterprises, a private security firm. But the firm never bothered to have his complete address.

After Pallavi’s murder, the government asked the security agencies to do a detailed background check of their employees and maintain a complete file about them.

Disturbed from the Pallavi’s murder, film actor and director Farhan Akhtar launched an initiative called ‘Men Against Rape and Discrimination’ or MARD in 2013.