Leaders greet Indian Parsis on Navroz



The President of India, Pranab Mukherjee in his message on the occasion of the Parsi New Year said,“On the joyous occasion of ‘Navroz’, I convey greetings and best wishes to all my Parsi fellow citizens,” informed a PIB release.

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“The Parsi community has contributed immensely to the development of our nation through their hard work, diligence and perseverance. May this year’s festivities be a celebration of our multi-cultural and multi-religious society. Let the New Year bring happiness, prosperity and fulfillment to all sections of our people and instill pride in the glorious diversity of our plural nation,” added the release.

Extending best wishes to all citizens on the joyous occasion of Navroz – the Parsi New Year – the Vice President of India, Hamid Ansari said that the festival was a manifestation of our rich and vibrant composite culture and symbolizes the unity of our people.

According to a PIB release, Ansari in his message said, “I extend my best wishes to all our citizens on the joyous occasion of ‘Navroz’, which marks the beginning of the Parsi New Year.” He added that may Navroz bring peace, prosperity and happiness in lives of people.

The Prime Minister,  Narendra Modi, greeting the people on the occasion of Navroz, the Parsi new year, said, “Greetings on Navroz. May the festival bring joy, happiness and prosperity to all.”

Nawroz is the beginning of New Year in the Solar Hijri calendar and in India, Parsi families gather together to observe the rituals. Houses are cleaned, painted and adorned with different auspicious symbols such as stars, butterflies, birds and fish. On the doors and windows of Parsi houses, garlands of roses and jasmines are hung. The rangolis with fish and floral motifs are made on the on the steps and thresholds of the houses.

Among Parsi community, fire is considered to represent the presence of God and two types of fire temples exist in India. On Navroz, Parsis visit the fire temple for thanksgiving prayers and offering sandalwood sticks to the fire. After the prayersare over, they wish one another ‘Sal Mubarak’ and exchange gifts.

Notable Indian-Parsis, in the fields of science and industry, include physicist Homi J. Bhabha, Homi N. Sethna, Jamsetji Tata and members of the Tata, Godrej, and Wadia industrial families, including Neville Wadia.