Leading Cake Bakeries in Jammu booked


JAMMU, Sept 18: After a raid on leading sweetshops for selling sweets lesser than the shown weight in Kud, yesterday four leading Cake Shops were booked in Jammu City after their products were found short of said weights by more than ten percent of the total weight. The Cake shops were booked by a team of legal metrology department.

Inspectors Rohit Gupta and Pooja Kumari of the LMD conducted surprise and extensive checks as posing customers of all the cake sellers in Jammu city to find out that four prominent cake shops have been routinely selling cakes which are a staggering 100g to 120g lesser than the actual promised weight. The cake shops have been booked for indulging in unethical trading practices.

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As quoted in a local daily, according to Deputy Controller Legal Metrology Enforcement, M/s Premier Cake house, Residency Road, M/s Parveen Prov Store, Rehari, M/S Dayal Bakers, Rehari and M/S Cream & Craft, Canal Road, were booked.

These cake shops have been employing a common cheating modus operandi. They would simply add the weight of board tray along with the weight of the cake. The inspectors posed as customers to trap the cake shops. The actual weight of the cakes was 880g to 900g in 1kg and the rest  was the weight of the tray. The actual cost of the tray was found to be Rs. 8 cheating the customers to the tune of Rs. 40 per Kilogram.