Legal Rights Every Indian Woman Should Know


Keeping a track of the women related crimes, the government of India gives critical rights to women in India. Shockingly, a considerable lot of the women don’t have the foggiest idea about their rights. Here are some rights an Indian woman holds in India.

1. Equal pay for equal work
As per the arrangements recorded under the Equal Remuneration Act, one can’t be separated based on sex with regards to compensation, pay or wages. Working women reserve the privilege to draw an equivalent pay, when contrasted with men.

2. Women reserve the right to dignity 
If, in any case, the accused is a woman, any medical procedure on her must be performed by – or within the sight of – another lady.

3. Women have the privilege against sexual harassment at work places
The Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act gives a female the privilege to record a report against any sort of inappropriate behavior at her work environment. Under this law, she can present her grievance to an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at a branch office within a time of 3 months.

4. Women have a privilege against abusive behavior at home
Section 498 of the Indian Penal Code hopes to ensure a spouse, female live-in partner or a woman living in a family like a mother or a sister from aggressive behavior at home (counting verbal, financial, passionate and sexual) by the hands of a husband, male live-in partner or relatives. The guilty will be liable to punishment amounting to three years of imprisonment and fine.

5. Female rape victims have the option to keep their identity hidden
To guarantee that her security is ensured, a lady who has been explicitly ambushed may record her confession alone before the area judge, or within the sight of a female cop.

6. Women reserve the option to get free legal aid
Under the Legal Services Authorities Act, female victims reserve the privilege to get free legal aid or help from the Legal Services Authority who needs to arrange a legal counsel for her.

7. Women have right not to be arrested during the evening
Except if there is an uncommon case, a woman can’t be arrested between 6pm to 6 am. What’s more, the law additionally expresses that the police can investigate a lady at her living arrangement just within the sight of a lady constable and relatives or companions.

8. Women reserve the privilege to enlist virtual complaints
The law gives ladies the arrangement for documenting virtual complaints through email, or registered post. Further, the SHO sends a police constable to her place to record her grievance. This is if lady isn’t in a situation to physically go to a police headquarters.

9. Women have the privilege against being stalked
Segment 354D of the Indian Penal Code and the Ranbir Penal Code (J&K) clears path for lawful move to be made against a guilty party in the event that he/she pursues a lady, attempts to get in touch with her to encourage individual collaboration over and again in spite of an unmistakable sign of lack of engagement either in real or on web.

10. Women reserve an option to Zero FIR
A FIR that can be recorded at any police headquarters regardless of the area where the occurrence happened, the Zero FIR can later be moved to the Police Station in whose ward the case falls under.

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