Let us kill a poor boy because no one will question

“The car quickly overtook a matador and I could not see the number. I ran as hard as I could but the car was gone,” he added.

9 year old boy killed by a rushing car (1)

9 year old boy killed by a rushing car (2)

A bystander working at a pizza restaurant next to City Square mall called SHO Raghubir Chaudhary of the Nowabad police station who took the boy to hospital immediately.

Reliable sources confirmed to U4UVoice that the boy was brought dead to the hospital. The boy’s head had been crushed.

Now it is difficult to say who was at fault, the speeding car or the boy but a life has been lost. It is quite possible that the driver of the car was not even at fault, but the fact that he rushed away says something.

The Nowabad police is investigating the matter at the moment. A simple look at the accident brings to fore some disturbing facts though:

  • The CCTV camera at City Square Mall was dysfunctional, the CCTV camera in the complex next to City Square mall was also dysfunctional.
  • There are no speed breakers on either side of the road facing the mall where people crossover often. There have been multiple accidents near on this road because matadors and private vehicles generally speed away for the lack of breakers. The most recent one was on Holi when a bike slipped and two boys sustained serious injuries.

U4UVoice appeals to the concerned authorities to kindly look into the matter and atleast build speed breakers such that precious lives can be saved. Next time it could be one among us!

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