Let us pledge to not kill people this festive season


Kite-flying is what maybe makes Jammu’s celebrations slightly different as compared to the rest of the country. Kite-flying was a practice across Jammu city earlier but is sort of now limited to areas in old city only.

The sad part for the last three-four years, however, is the use of Chinese plastic string that has become immensely popular due to its cheapness and the miles of extra length that comes for the cheap price.

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Chinese String popularly known as Gattu in Jammu

The biggest problem with this string is that it tangles up once you are pulling your string back. To prevent that, when someone’s kite gets cut, people just break the thread from hand and the loose thread spreads all over the place in return.

Chinese Thread Victims (14)

This thread is quite strong and two wheelers as well as pedestrians become it’s prey. A two-wheeler rider does not even have to ride fast to die because of this thread. In most cases, this thread gets stuck in the neck of the rider injuring his throat first and then after losing control in the ensuing pain the riders fall, often breaking a bone or two and in many cases, they have died too.

Chinese Thread Victims (13)

DC Jammu, Simrandeep Singh, keeping in mind the same menace has ordered for a ban on this deadly string. It is still being sold openly throughout the popular kite markets. Only goes to show, how demand really drives the sales.

Chinese Thread Victims (1)

It is a matter of shame for both the sellers and the buyers. Both are equally responsible for the condition of these few patients at the GMC.

Chinese Thread Victims (4)

Please do realise that these are only some of the cases at the tertiary hospital. Many more cases, are treated at home, or at clinics or medical shops.

Chinese Thread Victims (7)

U4UVoice appeals to the people of Jammu to refuse to buy this deadly string. A festival should be a matter of joy only.
Chinese Thread Victims (2)

Not only are the sellers liable to be punished by law for selling this string in the market, the buyers are also liable for punishment after the Deputy Commissioner’s order.

Jammu Kashmir News | DC Jammu, Simrandeep Singh, had recently ordered the banning of sale and purchase of Chinese thread

It is not even about the order for punishment, it is to be kept in mind that this string is known to be a potential killer of not just humans, but of birds and pets too. Would you like your dog or cat to get injured because of this string?

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All these pictures are from the last year. If we choose, these freak accidents can be prevented this year!