Let’s focus on development of J&K:Arun Gupta


BJP State Spokesperson & State Election Media In-charge Arun Kumar Gupta took a strong exception of the opposition parties for making Article 370 an issue and said that these parties cannot flank BJP on development front and are trying to siege BJP on Article 370. In a Press statement, Arun Gupta said that the vision document is just a reflection of BJP’s thinking regarding the development of J&K state.
Arun Kumar Gupta said that our vision is to make J&K a peaceful, progressive and developed state through inclusive development of all the three regions- Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh. He said that BJP leadership never tried to make Article 370 an election issue and always demanded for a proper discussion in which all parties should take part. He said that BJP has taken the initiative and is ready to have a proper discussion on this issue.
Gupta said that the needful will be done for the betterment and development of the J&K state adding that it is not BJP alone to decide on the fate of Article 370, but the people who make public opinion also need to discuss.
Arun Gupta cleared that Vision Document released by BJP should not be considered as its Election Manifesto. It is just a reflection of BJP’s thinking regarding the development of J&K state. BJP leadership wants a prosperous and developed J&K state and we are committed to do that is favorable for the people of the state. He said that vision document includes all the issues that are related with the basic problems of the people of the state such as, development, corruption, employment, education, water, electricity, security, tourism, infrastructure and empowerment of common masses.
Arun Gupta said that BJP is in election fray on the issue of development, adding that development of the J&K state is our top priority and the party is committed to make it a developed and corruption free state, after forming government .


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