Let’s reclaim Bagh-e-Bahu| It’s high time for government to take action now


A few days ago U4UVoice exposed the vulgar and ugly aspect of Bagh-e-Bahu which made each person from civil world to lower their head in shame and embarrassment.

We reminded people of Jammu how this beautiful garden which was once a famous picnic spot has turned into a place of vulgarity and obscenity.



We urged people to express their opinion with ‪#‎ReclaimBagheBahu so that the Authorities can hear it on all social media platforms. Interestingly we got a massive response on social media as people offered their support and showed solidarity with this campaign.


Here are some of the responses and reactions:

Responses Bagh-e-Bahu




Bagh-e-Bahu is not only a mere garden. It also hosts a temple of Kaali Mata and is Jammu’s historical heritage. Such indecent acts are having a bad effect on tourists, families and kids coming to the park. It is our duty moral responsibility to save this historical heritage .Let’s take a pledge and reclaim Bagh-e-Bahu.

Jammu has only one destination park and we all need to come together to make it clean. Jammu deserves a park where we could go with our parents and have a walk.