Lifting ban from student union at KU could vitiate campus environment


The ban on students politics in Kashmir University which happened five years ago need not be lifted because political parties, and separatist groups will rush to grind their ae in an educational institution which is critical to higher education in Kashmir. The Kashmir university has withstood conflict and etreme violence, and it has had a negative effect on the quality of research, and education in the valley. Now with a semblance of peace, and normalcy prevailing in Kashmir valley it is imperative that university is allowed to function in peace.

If in the last five years the students have been able to get education in the right environment, and without any complaint then there is no need for the state government to demand revival of a moribund institution.

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Instead of proposing to restart the student union activities which are one of the major sources of politicization of campus, and division on party lines, it is important that government takes steps to improve the facilities to the students. There is need to link education to jobs, and to ensure that right skills are taught to students on the campus. There is need for faculty upgradation, and enhancement in their numbers so that delivery of education becomes world class.

It is well known that unions whether in education institutions or in industry have their negatives and positives. However Jammu and Kashmir is a special case as it has remained a conflict zone for the last 5 years, and the violence has really never subsided in this part of the country. A union in Kashmir university would be prone to pulls, and pressures of politics, and also the separatist groups whose agenda is decided by the politicians across the border. In a difficult situation, it would thus be unwise on part of the state government to allow unions in educational institutions. Schools, colleges and universities are meant for learning knowledge, and becoming better human beings as such time is still not ripe for the unions to come up J&K.