Like Pellet- pepper guns, put an end to mysterious killings : Bhat

Peoples Democratic Party(PDP) general secretary Nizamudin Bhat has expressed dismay over the killing of Khurshid Ahmad Bhat at Bomai Sopore on Friday.

He said the consecutive killing in the area 2nd in three days is unfortunate and deserves immediate concern and probe.

Bhat said it is the duty of police and security agencies to protect innocent people from mysterious deaths virtually aimed at creating an atmosphere of uncertainity , confusion and insecurity.

He said PDP has always stood for security to all including the adversaries and recent incidents are painful. “We share the grief and sorrow of families and friends of the victims” Bhat said adding “Government should track down the hand behind without any delay.

he said like it has put an end to NC’s coercive methods of pellet and pepper guns against protesters it must ensure safety from such attacks to all. He hoped that this will happen as the head of the government Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has always harboured genuine desire for tolerance and liberty to live.

Bhat acknowledged that since decades a vicious situation has been thrown open in Kashmir where gun has been misled on either side. But  Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed has played his role in ensuring an atmosphere where such miseries are mitigated to zero. He said and exuded confidence that he will come over any conspiracy to build on peace, reconciliation and liberty to line a dignified, free and honourable life by everyone in the state.

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