List of corrupt officials being ‘Prevented’ from getting released by those involved

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A list of corrupt officials who were involved in corruption, financial misappropriation, and other wrong means prepared by the State vigilance Organization has got stuck, and is not seeing the light of the day despite instructions coming from the Governor himself. Sources tell that the corrupt officials who have come to know that their names figure in this list are trying their best to thwart the disclosure of names. Attempts are being made to ensure that the names remain under cover till the next government is formed, and since majority of these officials have strong political connections they are hoping that the politicians led government would be more pliable.

A list of 1032 officials was prepared by the vigilance department, who also prepared the list of the most corrupt departments, and surprisingly this list was released but not the one containing names of corrupt officers. The most notorious departments as per the list include Revenue, Education, Police, R&B, Jammu and Srinagar Municipal Corporations, Rural Development, PDD and government corporations. The issue of corruption is so serious in the state tell government officials that even to get their salaries released from treasury they have to pay a minor cut to the officials.

To get a transfer in a favourable area or close to ones home, teachers have had to pay thousands of rupees to the officers. It was because of this reason that there was a virtual revolt in the education department which witnessed many transfers, and postings, and particularly attachments being cancelled by the state government under the directions of the state Governor. The situation is even more problematic in engineering departments where contracts worth crores are given to build lanes, drains, roads, and school buildings. Sources tell that cuts are fixed, and there is no way the work can happen without payment of bribes. The result is that quality of constructions built by contractors is nothing but shoddy, and a number of times the roads, lanes, and drains are built only on paper but the money gets released, and shared by nexus of officials and contractors.

It is because of this reason only that J&K topped the list among the corrupt states in the country, and was second only to Bihar. Another problem is that honest officials, and their tribe get little protection in the state, and their number is decreasing by the day as people suffer from harassment, punishment postings, and transfer to useless posts for remaining honest. The decision by the Governor to identify the corrupt, and weed them out is timely, and right, and it should be implemented in letter and spirit. Unless this happens soon the corruption in the state would not stop, and it will keep falling into the abyss.

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