List of OUR exclusive stories that created EARTHSHAKING BUZZ: Part 1

It is well said that Words are more powerful than a sword. Indeed, it is true. Here is a 2-part list of articles posted by U4UVoice in 2015 that created buzz and were discussed in public circles extensively.

“Madam peechey se shirt uthi hui hai”- An open letter to the women of Jammu“Madam peechey se shirt uthi hui hai”- An open letter to the women of Jammu

When you were a kid, a distant uncle of yours groped you every time and being a little girl you were so afraid to tell it to your mom but after a few months you did and what you feared didn’t happen. She didn’t scold you and you heaved a sigh of relief even if the tears were rolling down your cheek when you recalled those horrendous days. Your own mother just told you one thing. “Keep mum, don’t tell your dad.” And you were happy with that decision imposed on you and till date you haven’t told anybody till date.

Posted on Feb 12

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Congratulations GMC Administration


Congratulations GMC Administration, You just murdered a doctor and set an example of excellence!

The senior Paediatrician at Bishnah Hospital, Dr. Bhupinder Singh, passed away as a patient of Pneumonia and not H1N1 Flu. If you don’t know this yet please click here to see the proof. It is shameful in itself that a doctor died of pneumonia of all the diseases.

Posted on Feb 28

Read full Article here: (Click Here)molestation in matadors

Molestation could be fun for you but for me, it’s a daily horror story- Here’s why I hate travelling in matadors!

This is not the first time that it happened with me, or with anybody else for that matter. When I head back home in the evening, I frequently find these bastards trying their luck on ‘having fun while molesting’, but I have always managed to save myself, SO FAR.

Posted on Mar 16

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Transfer Policy Scandal Described in J&K Education Sector

All the teachers may very well be grappling with shortage of funds but the males commonly rued about the sheer discrimination meted out to them are the postings. Over 70 percent of the teachers and lecturers employed in Schools Across Jammu division are females and this means major posting problems for the males who are a majority.

Posted on Apr 18

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10 reasons to fall in love with Jammu and Kashmir

10 reasons to fall in love with Jammu and Kashmir

Srinagar and Vaishno Devi overshadowing most of what Jammu and Kashmir is to an outsider. I hail from the land of  mountains and temples itself, find many more beautiful stories to be told.

Posted on Apr 26

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The problem with the Recruitment Process

The problem with the ‘Recruitment Process’ in the Education Department

As it is we have heard the problems of teachers falling under Contractual or ReT or the teachers appointed under RMSA and SSA who have not received their salaries for months together. That is definitely a serious issue since the homes of many of these teachers depend solely on their salaries.

Posted on Apr 29

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Jagjit Singh (2)

Jagjit Singh, the sikh youth killed in clashes, Dressed as a groom! Do you know why?

The young boy, Jagjit Singh was dressed up like a groom, followed by all wedding rituals before his body was set on the pyre.

Posted on June 07

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Recruitment policy

The new recruitment policy is a failure, yet again.

Even after the Cabinet Sub Committee (CSC) had finalized its recommendations on the new recruitment policy, it hasn’t brought any cheer to the unemployed youth. Except incorporating reservation provisions the panel has not added recommended anything in favor of the already agitated youth.

Posted on June 07

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Jammu and Kashmir | The priests in Raghunath Temple work on 'Targets'. Well Allegedly!

The Salesman Priests in Raghunath Temple

The Priests in Raghunath temple work on targets allegedly. These targets are what force the priests to MOTIVATE the pilgrims to donate more and more but of course according to their ‘shraddha’ (devotion).

Posted on June 11

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Jammu Kashmir News | DC, Jammu, Mr. Simrandeep Singh, deserve kudos for the manner that he has been functioning in office lately

DC Jammu, Simrandeep Singh deserves a pat on the back

Deputy Commissioner, Jammu, Mr. Simrandeep Singh, deserve kudos for the manner that he has been functioning in office lately.Simrandeep Singh A very recent case has come up where the applicant had been running pillar to post in government offices in a case of demarcation of land.

Posted on June 13

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