List of OUR exclusive stories that created EARTHSHAKING BUZZ: Part 2

It is well said that Words are more powerful than a sword. Indeed, it is true. Here is a 2-part list of articles posted by U4UVoice in 2015 that created buzz and were discussed in public circles extensively.


Porn Ban- The youth in Jammu feel anger against the government

After the orders of a COMPETENT authority, an internet ban was put into force for the most popular, most accessed pornography websites by the state owned BSNL and it easily came across as the biggest shocker to the youth of the nation. We decided to speak to some known people to know their views on the subject and they came up with sometimes hilarious and sometimes informative eye-openers.

Posted on Aug 02

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these tips are fool proof and work with all entrance exams and since JK Bank is conducting an online exam there is not much they can do too, Tips and Tricks Bank Exams, Tips and tricks Bank exam

JK Bank Relationship Executive Exam: Tips and Tricks

The pattern of JK Bank exam for Relationship Executive has been revealed and has left students confused and unsettled. Different counselors are furnishing different strategies and that has not been enough help. The 100 questions in sixty minutes has in deed come as a blow to many students. Do not worry too much, these tips are fool proof and work with all entrance exams and since JK Bank is conducting an online exam there is not much they can do too.

Posted on Aug 13

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Jammu Kashmir | If you are a BSNL subscriber from J&K, your service provider is concerned about your romantic/sex life *pun intended*.BSNL is promoting Rangeen Raatein shamelessly in J&K

“Hi, Aaj Me Ghar per Akeli Hu. Bore ho rahi hu. Kijye Mujse Fun Filled baatein, Abhi dial kare ye number *******.”

If you are a BSNL subscriber from Jammu and Kashmir, do not think that it is some kind of prank being played by any of your friend. It is your service provider concerned about your romantic life *pun intended*.

Posted on OCT 21

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Difference between Indian Army Jawan and a Militant

4 ways you can spot a militant in just one look

With the increasing number of infiltrators crossing LOC and taking shelter in the border villages, it has become very necessary for the people living especially in these areas to find out difference between a militant and the army jawans. . Militants try their best to portray themselves as Indian soldiers but in the process make many identifiable mistakes prime in which are their dress and shoes.

Posted on Oct 27

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Sexual exploitation of boys is real and it happens within our close circle of people. Almost always, the sexual abuser is someone we trust, we know.
Image Courtesy – oslobodjenje

 ‘I was five when ***** didi sexually exploited me’

My fear of women comes from an episode that I vividly remember. I have tried hard to forget the incident over the years but have just repeatedly and helplessly failed.

Posted on Nov 14

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jammu Kashmir | Imagine being at the receiving end of such a brobdingnagian bill of 39 Crores. some of us might even faint.

Jammu man gets an electricity bill of 39 Crores

Posted on Nov 21

Imagine getting an electricity bill that you shall never be able to pay for in a lifetime. A common middle class family can try putting all the electrical appliances on for a 100 years and even then the electricity bill after adjusting inflation cannot come to be a whopping, mind-blowing 39 crores. But Shockingly, the PWD served a bill of Rs 39 crores to a resident of Talab- Tillo in Jammu city

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Katra chopper crash involved a couple wedded 5-days ago

Katra chopper crash involved a couple wedded 5-days ago

Posted on Nov 23

Two passengers named Arjun Chib and Vandana Chib who were also on the same helicopter that crashed in Katra were found to be a newly-wedded couple who were visiting Mata Vaishno Devi Shrine to seek blessings of the Goddess. U4UVoice had the exclusive image that was later used by national media with our water-mark blurred.

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'I was uncomfortable because an uncle kept staring non-stop at me' them or hate them, you cannot ignore them

Love them or hate them, you cannot ignore them              

Semi-naked women at the annual Jhidi-Mela in Jammu. The BRAVE NEW Women

Posted on Nov 27

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