List of professors overstaying in GDC Kathua

Jammu, October 27: Nearly two dozen professors working in Government Degree College Kathua are found overstaying at their choicest place of posting for the last many years. The Higher Education department has failed to transfer these professors because of being associated with bearucrats in one way or other. Top among them are listed below:

  • Professor of English, Dr. Anita Kiran has been overstaying in college for the last twenty years. She was reportedly transferred twice but because she has strong political clout she had managed her return within two days of her transfer from GDC Basohli to Kathua.
  • Professor of Hindi Dr. Sangita has also been enjoying her stay for the last more than nearly two decades in the same college. Reportedly, professor was promoted as principal, but she refused her promotion to enjoy stay in their choicest college.
  • Professor of Botany, PK Rao has not been transferred since last twenty years. Not just this, Prof. PK Rao is ‘overburdened as he is holding multiple charges in the college for the reasons best known to authorities. PK Rao is Warden of Boys hostel, Coordinator of IGNOU center, Convenor NAAC, Head of College Purchase committee for the last many years. Due to so much ‘engagements’ he is only taking one class and the contractual staff has been managing the affairs.
  • Professor of Punjabi, ┬áTajinder Kour has been staying in the college for the last nearly 18 to 20 years.
  • Professors of Mathematics, Kailash Sharma and Sumit Dubey have been overstaying for the last nearly six years and since their first posting in the college, they were never transferred.
  • Professor of Education, Ritu Bhagat has been overstaying for the last nearly 10 years. Prof Ritu was once transferred to Jammu but she managed her return within few days once again in GDC Kathua.
  • Professors of Education, Rachna Bhagat and Ram Singh are also enjoying over staying in the college. Although there were two sanctioned posts of college professors of Education in GDC Kathua but there are three professors of education working in the college for unknown reasons.
  • Professors of Physics, Suram Singh, Naresh Sharma and Madhavi Manohar Lal have been staying in the college for the last 6-7 years.
  • Professor of Chemistry, Sumnesh Kumar has been overstaying for the last more than one decade now. He was transferred to GDC Samba three years ago but after only six months, he prematurely managed transfer order and returned back to GDC Kathua.
  • Professor of Geography, Pawan Kumar has been overstaying for the last nearly 7 years. Interestingly, two years back Pawan Kumar was transferred to Leh and after few months the transfer order was reportedly modified. The reason being his closeness to the then Principal of college, Dr. Netar Singh
  • Professors of Computer Sciences, Anoop Sharma and Parveen Sharma have been staying in the college for the last nearly six years.

Reportedly, the long stay of these college professors has crippled smooth functioning and decision making process of the college.

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