LIVE: PM Modi’s address at 70th Independence Day

Here are the updates from his Independence Day speech Red Fort

*Guru Gobind Singh (10th Sikh Guru) used to say ‘the hand which never did any Sewa, how can i consider that hand pious?’ I want to congratulate our farmers for their hardwork

*Just three hours from Delhi, in Hathras, there is a village Narda Patela. It takes only three hours to reach there from Delhi but it took 70 years for electricity to reach that village

*After 70 years of Independence, the nation has changed. Now the people don’t get satisfied by a mere declaration of policy or plan. Now it expects to see the changes on grassroots.

*Today i am not only going to talk about policy but also about intention

*Whether it is Panchayat or Parliament, whether it if Gram Pradhan or Prime Minister, everyone will have to fulfil their responsibilities to achieve the goal of ‘Surajya’

*India is a thousands-year-old civilization. From Bhim of Mahabharat to Bhim Rao (Ambedkar), our journey has been long.

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