LMD conducts surprise market checking, imposes Rs 39700 fine


RAJOURI, JANUARY 17 – Teams of Legal Metrology today conducted surprise checks and booked various establishments for selling pre packed goods without mandatory declaration as prescribed under the law.

Assistant Controller Legal Metrology, Rajouri informed that all the pre-packed goods which are being packed in the absence of consumers must declare Net Weight, Max Retail Price along with packing date, address of the packer/importer and consumers care number. He informed that on inspection of Hardware Stores, Provisional stores, etc in Rajouri, Kalakote, Solki and Dhangri it was observed that the packages of locking bolts, dry fruits and flour bags were sold without these mandatory declarations. Fine amounting to Rs.26000 was recovered from defaulters he added.

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Beside this the department also recovered a fine of Rs 9700 from 13 defaulter traders for violations  like use of unverified weights and measure instruments, non-display of legal Metrology certificate etc.