LMD Kathua charges Rs 25000 penalty from erring traders


KATHUA, JULY 16:- A team of Legal Metrology Department Kathua conducted series of market inspections in Bani area and charged Rs 25000 penalty from erring traders.

The team, during three day tour, conducted market inspections in Kheri, Hat Maska, Karroh, Sarthali, Bani, Lowang, Sarthal and adjoining areas and conducted intensive checking of various business Establishment including  Gas Agencies, Ration Dealer,   Meat, Chicken, vegetable, fruit , bakery , Sweets Shops, Provisional stores , Utensil shops, Steel Traders.

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Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Kathua Ajay Kumar Verma and Inspector Legal Metrology Kathua Vicky Sharma were leading the inspection team.


During inspection more than 100 traders dealing in different trades were inspected for their Compliance with regards to various provisions of J&K Standard of weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011(Amended) and   packages Commodities rules.

Around 24 erring traders including a gas agency and four Ration Dealers, Karayana shops, Provsional stores and other traders using Weights and Measures were booked. A penalty of Rs 25000 was imposed on   22 erring traders for violation of various provisions of J&K Standard of weights and Measures Enforcement Act 2011(Amended) and packages Commodities rules.   Notices were issued to two traders to attend the office of the Assistant Controller Legal Metrology Kathua to follow their cases legally.

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To provide services at the doorsteps of the traders dealing with different trades, the Department also installed verification Camp at Sarthal , Bani and  Kheri for the  verification and authentication of weighing and Measuring instruments being used by the traders.

Revenue amounting to Rs 9500 was realized on account of verification and stamping of these instruments.

Besides informing the traders about various precautions to be taken while receiving various items from the wholesalers/ Manufacturers   and delivering these items to the Consumers, the department also informed the owner, Staff of the   Gas Agencies and consumers of LPG Cylinders at Bani about how to check the re-testing date of LPG Cylinder and other precautionary Measures to be taken while handling the LPG Cylinder.

To ensure due delivery of Ration to the Consumers,    ration dealers using old traditional Weighing and Measuring instruments,   were also directed  to use  Computerized  Electronic Weighing Machines while issuing Ration to the Consumers.