LOC Traders call on CCI President – demand action


CCJ/18/2018                                                           Press Note                                                              10th March 2018


Sh. Pawan Anand, President LOC Traders  Chakan-da-Bagh Poonch along with three members called upon Sh. Rakesh Gupta  President Chamber of Commerce & Industry with the complaint  that Non-Implementation of Cabinet decision was resulting in huge financial loss to the LOC Traders at Chakan-da-Bagh Poonch and in response to their complaint the Chamber of Commerce & Industry sent out an urgent communication to Madam Mehbooba Mufti, Hon’ble Chief Minister J&K and copies of the same to Hon’ble Minister for Industries & Commerce, Commissioner Secretary Industries & Commerce, Director General of Police, Deputy Commissioner of Poonch and Custodian TFC Chakan-da-Bagh Poonch demanding  strict action and implementation of the Cabinet decision immediately. The communication sent out to the Hon’ble Chief Minister is as follows:


This is to bring to your kind notice that Government order No. 121/IND of 2017 dated 31-05-2017 (Copy enclosed) as per Cabinet decision no. 05/02/2017 dated 13-02-2017 to streamline the processes/procedures relating to Cross LOC Trade at Trade Facilitation Centers, Salamabad in URI and Chakan-da-Bagh in Poonch is not being implemented in letter and spirit resulting in a huge financial loss to the LOC traders operating from Chakan-da-Bagh in Poonch.


As per the above-mentioned government order at B. (b) it is clearly mentioned that 35 trucks shall be allowed to cross over every day for four days in a week, but the same is not being adhered to at Chakan-da-Bagh  Poonch where we feel the security agencies are creating hurdles for the reasons best known to them. We are enclosing herewith the list of 35 Vehicles that was submitted to the Custodian at Chakan-da-bagh Poonch on 08-03-2018 but the security agencies allowed only 30 vehicles against the request of  35 Vehicles. It may not be out of place to mention that mostly perishable goods are being traded at LOC points and on account of non-implementation of the cabinet decision due to high headedness of security agencies, LOC traders are facing great hardships & financial loss.


Madam, we request you to pass on necessary directions to the concerned authorities at Chakan-da-Bagh Poonch LOC point for strict adherence of norms laid down in the cabinet decision and we request your good selves to penalize those officers in security agencies posted there for their unilateral decisions and high headedness.


The other office bearers present on the occasion include Sh. Rajesh Gupta, Sr. Vice President  Sh. Rajeev Gupta, Jr. Vice President, Sh. Manish Gupta, Secretary General, and Sh. Gaurav Gupta, Secretary.


(Manish Gupta)



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