Locals at Purmandal will advise you not to go near this tree at night


Disclaimer: Through this article, we are not trying to promote belief in the Supernatural that some believe to be true and the others discard as superstition. We have just written down the local folk stories from the elderly living at Purmandal and Mandal.

Purmandal Temple, also known as Chhota Kashi, is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. It is a sacred place not only for Jammuities but rather the whole of Hindu community.

Purmandal as a place is considered sacred as the last rites of the departed souls are performed here. After the last rites, the mortal remains are deposited inside the land here which has a very high water table.
It is believed that since the mortal remains of the person are washed away in Gupt Ganga at Purmandal, a person attains Nirvana and is freed of the circle of life and death. The last rites of unmarried persons are specially done here.

The Ghosts at  Bad ke pedh in ‘Chirrk’

In Hindu customs, just before the mortal remains of a person are cremated, a earthen pot of water is broken near a Peepal or a Banyan tree. Before taking the dead to Purmandal Temple for cremation, an earthen pot is broken by the family members under the tree in this pic and all of their clothing is dumped here.
 Bad ka ped at Chirrk Purmandal (11)
Locals at Purmandal, however, have a story to tell about the Banyan Tree (in pic) where no one from village Purmandal goes after it gets dark. The tree in the pic is where the earthen pot is broken. The location of this place is called ‘Chirrk’ and is almost 4-5 km away from the Purmandal Temple where the cremation is performed.
There are ghost stories associated with this tree as well. The locals believe the tree to be haunted and claim that they have seen things around the tree. It is believed that when a person does not complete life cycle completely, their soul stays back in this world.
Bad ka ped at Chirrk Purmandal (4)
The locals holding on to the sanctity of the place say that ‘those things’ don’t harm anyone, however, they occasionally reveal themselves. There are some locals at Mandal, who claim that they have been hit by stones by someone. Mandal is a place before Purmandal
“They try to scare you, and mind you, you will be scared. It is a jungle around the place and there are no lights. People anyway get scared by the sounds in a Jungle. Imagine what will happen to you when you see a person sitting by the tree amid all the sounds and the darkness,” says a local man Uttam Singh.
Bad ka ped at Chirrk Purmandal (14)
Speaking of his experience, an elderly man, Raminder Singh who owns a shop near Purmandal Temple recalls the time when he saw a man sitting right in the centre of the road next to the tree around 2:30 a.m. Singh had to rush to Jammu city for an emergency when he crossed the man sitting right in the middle of the road and then, according to him, vanished as soon as they crossed and stopped to ask him who he was.
One can ask anyone at Purmandal and everyone will confirm that they do not go near the tree after 10-11pm in the night.
If you have visited Purmandal Temple, you have probably heard about this story too. Now be a responsible person and spread the word. When locals do not cross the area after 10 pm, why must anyone else?
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