Locals fall sick after consuming tenth-rate flour supplied by CAPD


Pulwama, December 01:  The Jammu and Kashmir state’s food ministry is making tall claims of providing standard quality ration to the consumers within the prescribed time but the truth is something opposite of it. The local residents of a South Kashmir’s Pulwama district have alleged that CAPD department has supplied sub-standard flour in the last few days.

As per reports, last week a number of residents of Pulwama have fallen sick together and they have blamed the flour supplied by CAPD responsible for their illness. The resident alleges that they fell sick after eating chapati made with that flour.

“The flour we have brought from local ration supplier of CAPD turns black when we added water to make dough. People after eating chapati made with this dough developed constipation and other ailments. They were admitted in sub-district hospital Tral,” complains a local from Chandrigam.

The people of areas like Aaligund, Bargam, Nowpor, Amlar, Dadsara, Lalgam, Noorpora and Doonigund hamlets also lodged same complaints.

“Flour supplied by a ration shop here was of sub-standard quality. Half the quantity of grains was filled with clay, stones, unhusked flour, and rust,” said a consumer.

However, after repeated attempts the Director CAPD did not respond. Meanwhile, Food Minister Chowdary Zulifkar Ali assured probe and action in case the allegations prove correct.

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