Locals protest against Kausernag Yatra in Kashmir; shutdown observed


konsarnagPeople today called for a shutdown in Kulgam and Shopian districts of South Kashmir against the Kausernag yatra as a result of which curfew was imposed.

People here took out the rallies to press government to stop the yatra in this area as it wore a deserted look since early morning. These places witnessed a protest yesterday as well today.

Residents of these two districts have demanded the revocation of government’s decision to carry out a religious pilgrimage at this place. To press for their demand the people here have also formed a front known as Save Kausarnag Front. It was this group which had given a call for march – to save the spring, as they say.

However, govt thwarted the plans for a march by imposing curfew. This group maintains that an environmental disaster will take place if they dont oppose this move of the government.

In its statement the Save Kausarnag Front maintained that they want everyone to support them and want to take their movement to all parts of the state to ensure the participation of one and all.

“We will take this agitation to every nook and corner of the State with the participation of common masses,” it says.

So far the Save Kausarnag movement has been lauded by the people from all sections of society.

The protests were also carried out by the civil society members.People here say that Kausarnag is one of the biggest sources of water and pursuing yatra here will pose a risk to the same.

“We don’t want our future generations to die of thirst so in order to avoid that we are against this move of government,” a member of the group adds.

lubna reshi

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