Lotus Roots – ” Nadroo Yakhni” Recipe!


A Kashmiri curry made with lotus stem and yogurt.  Nadroo Yakhni is a delicacy from the land of Kashmir and tastes nothing less than heavenly.

Nadroo or Lotus Roots are cooked in yogurt with a variety of spices to make this delicious gravy. It goes well with steamed rice or biryani.

This sunday U4U Voice exclusively brings The Flavour of  Kashmir  “Nadroo Yakhni” recipe for the readers.


  • 500 gm lotus stem

    500 gm yoghurt

    100 gmghee

    25 gm dry ginger powder

    25 gm green cardamom powder

    50 gm fennel powder

    2 gm bay leaves

    5 gm asafoetida

    Salt to taste


Cut the lotus stem into 1/2 inch pieces.

Whip the yoghurt.

Boil 1 litre of water and cook lotus stems for 10 minutes.

Add all the ingredients and cook briskly for another 15 minutes stirring constantly until the lotus root is tender and the gravy is creamy.

Serve as an accompaniment with rice.

Have a fruity Sunday!