Love becomes reason behind murder; the killer almost got away but..

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Jammu and Kashmir News

Jammu :  After the murder of Sohan Lal, resident of Pardah Kalan in Akhnoor, the killer who happens to be an army man, put the corpse in his car and took it home.
The army man along with his two accomplices, Satish Kumar and Anshul Choudary, both residents of Akhnoor, killed Sohan in cold blood. The police has not yet revealed the possible motive behind the murder, but the name of a girl has come up and it is being speculated as the likely reason.
The accused trio have declared that they had asked Sohan to join them for the party of the new car that they had bought. They revealed that first they got him drunk at a bar in Dummi and then went to the Sungal area near the Ashram building there. Here all of them started partying and later on the murderers killed Sohan after beating him up with stones and sticks and put the body in the car.
As per their plans, they wanted to drop his body outside his house but when they saw Sohan’s mother outside his house, they dropped the idea. Satish and Anshul left the army man with the dead body in his car and went home.
Next morning, the killer drove to Mera Mandra and tossed the body from the bridge. The car was then taken to the river bed at Chadai  where, he tried washing the boot of the car. After cleaning the car, when he tried to leave the place, the car got stuck in the ditch. The accused, Sonu,  then called one of his relatives and he in turn called the JCB and helped the stuck car.
The Akhnoor Police have filed a case and started investigation. They have been questioning the army man’s relatives and other locals of the area. Sonu and his two friends were arrested by the police and sent for medical examination.
Meanwhile, Sonu has been taken to the Police remand for ten days.


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