MACHIL FAKE ENCOUNTER | Hang the guilty: Victim’s Kin

Srinagar, September 08: Even as General Court Martial of Indian Army awarded Life imprisonment to the army men involved in the Machil fake encounter that happened in 2010, mother of Riyaz Ahmed, one of the victims of this fake encounter, Naseema Bano said that she is not satisfied with the judgment.

The mother of victim Ahmed, who was one among the three locals in the village who was killed in the Machil fake encounter in 2010, wants the accused to be hanged as they have killed her young handsome son along with other two civilians. “The judgment of few years in Jail for killing innocents did not mean anything to me”, the mother added.

The information of the judgment was provided to the lady by a group of media persons. When they entered in her single-storeyed modest house, the lady was working in a dimly lit room.They told her that the court has awarded death sentence to her son’s murderers and the poor mother broke out.

She recalled that her son Riyaz Ahmed who was just 22 when killed, was a mechanic by profession and the only bread earner in the family of 10 people. She said that his killing shattered the family and the Indian Army or the government did not even provide any kind of compensation.

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