Made in India: This invisible ‘Kavach’ may turn out to be a boon for the security forces gaurding Indian borders



A new technology to detect infiltrations which would relay information to the nearest post for action would be available with the Border Security Force soon. This invisible technology will help the BSF guard the 198 kilometre Indo-Pak border more effectively.

Delhi-based CRON Systems developed the intrusion detection system based on infrared array, which is invisible. The existing laser walls were visible because of their beams. The new technology would help overcome the problem. The new technology is more advance compared to the laser walls and will be of use when used along the Jammu border which has rivers, unfenced marshy lands and rivulets.

The Kavach walls which is a Made in India technology will function in water and glass as well. These walls would alert the nearest outpost about intrusion attempts and trigger action from a quick response tool. The system uses complex, encrypted technology to monitor and communicate with the soldiers. The installation of the technology too is easy. It would take a few hours for a 1 kilometre stretch to install the technology. In case of a power snap, the technology would run at least 12 hours on UPS. The Kavach walls are being tested by the BSF along the Samba sector.

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