Mysterious death row: Ovais’ family urges police to expedite investigation

Image Courtesy - Kashmir Monitor

New Photos suggest Ovais may have been murdered

Srinagar, July 29: The family of slain youth Ovais Ahmad Fafoo of Mandarbagh, whose body was retrieved from River Jhelum at Shadipora Sumbal last week, Wednesday demanded police to expedite investigations and make postmortem report public.

“My son was murdered in cold blood by one person who is infamous for his immoral and illicit activities like gambling and boozing, My son was carrying some Rs 60, 000 cash in his pocket when he left the home on July 22, and this is the only reason as to why he was killed him,” Shahzada, mother of Ovais told reporters during a press conference at their residence.

Image Courtesy - Kashmir Monitor
Image Courtesy – Kashmir Monitor

Photographs taken by a passer by minutes after Ovais Ahmed Fafoo drowned to death around Shivpora Bund suggest that Ovais was drowned forcibly by an unidentified youth who shockingly tried to drown another person in the same way, minutes after putting Ovais to death, eyewitnesses said.

The witness who has taken these pictures told Kashmir Monitor that he was taking pictures of birds near Shivpora when he heard screams of children nearby. When the screams and shouts got louder the photographer asked the children why they were shouting so much. In reply the kids, probably from outside the state pointed across the river and said a black shirt wearing youth was forcibly drowned by a man who was now lying face down by the banks of river.
According to the children, the drowning youth tried to save himself and screamed for help but to no avail. The photographer then went across to see for himself what was going on. On seeing a man lying down by the banks of river, he started taking pictures with his DSLR camera.

She said that the person had accompanied her son when he left home and they were last seen at Shivpora area.

“They had entered into some verbal altercation first which ultimately end up on fight and before pushing Ovais to Jhelum (the person) had hit him on his head. He had a severe injury on one side of his head,” she claimed and broke down.

With the tears trickling down her face, Shahzada said “I want justice, bring my son back or ensure my burial next to him, I want his killer to be punished the way he murdered my son”

She also alleged that the brother of Amir threaten her family on the fateful day saying “my brother has been arrested by police and he will not be released until and unless your son turn-up in the police station”

Shahzada said besides frequent threats from brother of Amir, police is “misleading  us on one pretext to another.”

“Three people came to my home the fateful day; one was Amir’s brother while the other two were police men in civvies from Rammunshi Bagh police station. Despite the fact both the policemen were well aware about the fate of my son they asked to me ensure his presence in police station,” she claimed.

She said that Ovais was the lone bread winner and was working tirelessly to sustain his family.

“My husband was a driver, he was hit by a bullet in his leg and since then Ovais was sustaining my family and had to left studies when he was in 6th grade. He then started selling socks at Habbakadal but failed to meet the both ends, now he had started selling shoes on commission basis, but destiny had something else in store,” she said.

She appealed Director General of Police (DG), K Rajendra and Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Srinagar Amit Kumar to personally look into the issue and impress upon police to expedite investigations into the issue.

“Please make the postmortem report public so that the facts come to fore, now people have started character assassination of my son which is, he was not drug addict but (the person) who killed him and then thrown him into river,” Shahzada claimed.

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